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Surge of Free Movies in the Online Age

As computers as well as handheld devices have become more affordable for more people, the platform for media consumption has started to evolve. Today, the internet has now become an integral source of entertainment and media content.

In fact, according to a recent survey made by Ericsson,75 percent of over 23000 respondentsreported to have watched any type of streamed video numerous times a week or even more. On the other hand, 77 percent reported to have watched broadcast television several times a week. This shows that online viewing is now almost at par with traditional television viewing.

Online Streaming Over Traditional Viewing

According to another survey made by Ericsson, five out of 10 consumers now prefer to pick-and-mix their own viewing services instead of more traditional television bundles. One of the most popular choices nowadays is online streaming.

With a steady internet connection, the viewers can now gain access to large files of movies courtesy of both legal service providers such as Viewlorium and pirate websites that offer free streaming movies and some offer free movie downloads.

“With the availability of highly functional mobile and handheld devices, our viewers can also watch movies through different hardware such as smartphones and tablets. It has become even more convenient for anyone with internet access to get free movies online, inside or even outside. The whole cinema experience needs to evolve and adapt, as we erode that market”. Says Jon Hume of Viewlorium.com.

Changing the Culture and the Industry

As the demand for free movies online increases and as the industry attempts to meet such demand, the way that the viewers watch video content has also been affected. For one, the viewers are empowered in such a way that they are given the freedom to watch any movie, television show or other video content anytime, anywhere.

Consequently, being able to watch movies, one after the other, the viewers may be able to understand better and appreciate more all of the elements of the stories such as the plot and the characters, especially for television ‘series’ and movies that are part of a franchise or a series.

“Today, our viewers can freely choose whenever to watch, and therefore, whether or not to binge-view or to pace themselves. In this era of technological efficiency and content distribution as well as increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, the demand for these services that offer free movies online will just continue to grow in leaps and bounds” says Jon Hume.


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