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How do Films Make Money?

The first thing to come to mind would be ticket sales, but this is merely the tip of the film industry’s profit-making iceberg. Even the makers of free online English movies get to make a few bucks. The actual number of income-generating schemes is quite remarkable. Apart from box office and concession stand revenue, here are other recognisable ones.

DVD, Blu-ray, downloads, streaming

These will be available several weeks after the film’s theatrical run for the blokes who were too busy to view it then. Online vendors make a killing when DVD and Blu-ray editions are released with cut scenes, commentaries, and other special features.

Product placement

The James Bond franchise is particularly notorious for this. From automobiles to mobile phones, producers of 007 films have managed to highlight an array of branded products for decades. Aston-Martin, BMW, Omega, Sony, Heineken, and the rest of the sponsors couldn’t be happier.


Action figures, toy vehicles, luggage, lunch boxes, calendars, comics, colouring books, apparel… the list goes on and on. The longest-running franchise in movie history has to be George Lucas’ Star Wars. Some even speculate that the commercial items made more money than the films themselves did.


Yes, film pirates do make a lot of money… for themselves. Their ways include illegal downloads, copying, and even footage shot inside the cinema. Piracy thrives because there are willing customers. Say no to piracy and give the film industry its due.

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