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Everyone Loves Aussie Films… Except the Aussies

This decade may not be a good time to be in the cinema business in Australia, unless you’re an Aussie actor or director who starred in or directed a Hollywood film. It’s ironic that films done by stellar Australian directors like David Michôd, the Spierig brothers, and Zac Hilditch didn’t even come close to the US$ 1 million mark.

Hollywood heavyweights

There is no short supply of talented Australian actors in Hollywood. Stars like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Eric Bana, and others have made a name for themselves both in America and Australia only because they starred in blockbuster Hollywood films. Movies made in Australia for local release, regardless of who the director and leading actors are, don’t fare very well.

Cultural predicament

Australian movie producers are baffled by this social irony. Both production values and content of local films are nothing short of brilliant, yet they fail to captivate local audiences, at least not in the theatres. Locals would rather watch Aussie cinema on television, DVD, or free movies via streaming (only 9% of movie viewers troop to the theatres).a

A much needed shot in the arm

The Australian film industry is worth about US$ 20 million which is a far cry from their American counterpart. Industry observers believe that it’s all a matter of marketing and promotion. The magnificence of Aussie cinema deserves to be recognised by its own people, otherwise it will forever be the viewing option after American movies.

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